Paul Fraser


What I'm doing now

Interested in what I'm currently working on? Check out my now page. You won't find me on social media, so this is the best way of keeping in touch without contacting me directly. Which you are, of course, welcome to do.

What I'm doing now

The Small (Smol) Web

I'm not a big user of the World Wide Web (WWW) any more. It's become a haven for companies, for advertising and for inane distraction. Nowadays, most of my so-called interaction comes through:

E-mail is somewhat ubiquitous, as most Internet users have an e-mail address. This is my preferred method of correpondence.

Newsgroups, served via NNTP, are something that have been around for just about as long as e-mail. Most of my "social" interaction with groups of people happens here.

Gopher predates the World Wide Web (WWW). It's a text-first medium, and most of my news and reading comes from here. Most recently, Gemini has been expanding upon the original concepts of Gopher and I've found myself using it more and more.


You can contact me via email:

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